NAI Premier

NAI Premier offers comprehensive real estate services for office, land, investment, retail and industrial properties, as well as extensive property management services. With over 200 years of combined experience, our agents have established a tradition of exceptional service and possess extensive local market knowledge. In fact, our associates have handled more than $2 billion in real estate transactions throughout Utah’s Wasatch Front, including the Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo and Park City metropolitan areas.

By drawing upon a range of expertise in real estate, finance, and development—as well as effective teamwork—our agents are able to create thorough and effective strategies for achieving your objectives.

NAI Premier Team

  • Thomas Longaker

    Thomas Longaker

    Associate Broker, Managing Partner. Retail and Investment Specialist

    (801) 619 2702

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  • Marlon Hill

    Marlon Hill

    MBA, Principal Broker, Managing Partner. Investment and Retail Specialist

    (801) 619 2701

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  • John Longaker

    John Longaker

    Associate Broker, Investment and Office Specialist

    (801) 579 3333

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  • Jim McLachlan

    Jim McLachlan

    Office and Investment Specialist

    (801) 619 2707

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  • Christopher Wilson

    Christopher Wilson

    CCA, Office and Industrial Specialist

    (801) 783 6269

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  • Matthew Pinder

    Matthew Pinder

    Partner, Investment and Retail Specialist

    (801) 619 2709

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  • Mark Lundgren

    Mark Lundgren

    Investment and Office Specialist

    (801) 619 2712

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NAI Premier

  • Doug  Cole

    Doug Cole

    Associate Broker, Industrial and Land Specialist

    (801) 619 2704

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  • Alisha  Kay

    Alisha Kay

    CPM, Property Manager

    (801) 619 2703

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  • Brian Adkins

    Brian Adkins

    Office and Land Specialist

    (801) 619 2706

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  • Gary Robison

    Gary Robison

    Land Development Specialist

    (801) 619 2710

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